Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Working on the garments...

Today I was focusing on the garments of Christ. Inspired by the garments of one of the angels in the famous Old Testament Trinity by St Andre Rublev, I have been attempting to give a sense of the garments being 'on fire'. This I have done before on my own version of that icon, by making a series of washes, first of Raw Sienna, then of vermillion, with highlights in blue (the cool blues contrast with the warm reds and yellows creating an exciting tension).

It hasn't worked out quite as well as I had hoped, partly because you can't really use a 'puddling' technique on acrylic gesso, (which I have had to use here as the previous painting was in acrylic and the use of a non-acrylic primer surface would risk separating over time) as it isn't very absorbent. However, it does have quite a nice sense of inner illumination, and I will work on it some more later on.

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