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When David approached me about this particular commission I was intrigued by the challenge. The Sacred Heart is very much a western Church image and devotion, much like the Rosary except here there is a very definite imagery to work with that emerged at a time when Christian liturgical art in the West was very different from its roots and origins in the East.

It consumed a lot of energy and time, but it was  great to have David's keen work in running this blog and contributing so many aspects of the devotion and its theological background. This was invaluable, and also meant that the contact between me as the iconographer and David as the person commissioning it has been unusually close and collaborative which made it a very satisfying, if at times a demanding, process.

You can see more of my work and details of courses, events, reviews etc at my website,

Follwing these links will let you see some more details of my work in Jordan at Anjara and  Naur.

For those of you interested in the origins of Christian iconography, you can read some of my research based on my observations out in the Holy Land: Origins of Christian Iconography and some implications of that for Palestinian Christians on page 16 of this edition of Cornerstone.