Thursday, 3 March 2011

Meanwhile, back in London

I have never been to the Holy Land, and I most probably never will! So I must admit to a certain amount of envy at the thought of Ian being there as I write this. But as I reflect on his drawings for the Church I am comforted by the fact that the icon I have commissioned and the mural in Jordan will be forever linked. Like two quantum particles mysteriously joined and connected. Whenever I look at my 'Christ Omega' I will always think of its bigger twin in Jordan. Today I received the newsletter of 'Aid to the Church in Need': ( SEE HERE )Through this icon I feel that I am spiritually connected to a place I have never heard of, to a people I do not know but with whom I share my faith. How come I never felt that before? How come I never got it? But now I feel that I am opening my heart, rather than just opening my mind to the 'Church in need' - especially in the Holy Land. With this thought I think that - as Ian is operating on a bigger scale - I should do the same. I shall write a blog which tries to put together in a more coherent way the story of the devotion to the Sacred Heart and Teilhard's place in this story. Well, at least as I see it: a theologian I am not. Essentially my big picture at this stage ( as opposed to Ian's big picture in Jordan) should be about outlining or sketching out two aspects of the Sacred Heart. Firstly, the EVOLUTION OF THE IMAGE OF THE SACRED HEART; and secondly - in terms of TEILHARD - EVOLUTION AND THE SACRED HEART. Only then will I better understand the challenge on of an image of the Sacred Heart for the 21st century. An image for the future of man, and its relationship to the images of the past.

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