Saturday, 26 March 2011

The big picture

Seeing the big picture is so moving , Ian. I am sure that the Church must be delighted by your work! It has prompted so many thoughts and feelings for me that I need time to reflect and order my response. One initial thought as I looked at the image without all the scaffold is that you have combined the elements of fire and water in way which I have not seen in any other representation I have come across. And it brings together the texts of Jesus as bringer of fire, and as living water in an most effective way. And this alone provides a new window through which to meditate on the Sacred Heart. But, there is so much more besides this. It did make me think of something Benedict said in his book on Behold The Pierced One. I have put the quote up ->>

One thought is that it would be nice to see the Church in a wider context - a view of the building from outside? The town itself? I think it would help us to get more of a sense of the local community. Might that be possible?

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