Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Just another 10 days...

The ceiling painting is complete! Now I have undertaken to do two extra standing figures in the sanctuary - Our Lady and St John the Baptist, as a deisis either side of the Tabernacle. Quite how I will manage them in such a short time I don't know, but I am having a go!

Here is a photo of the completed image. The text is from St Matthew's Gospel, 11: 29 "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls". The waters flowing from the feet of Jesus represented the life of grace, poured out through the Church. There are seven 'waves' representing the seven sacraments, and a young female deer drinks from the waters, reminding us of the Psalm 42, 'like a deer that yearns for running streams so my soul is yearning for God'. Here the Heart of Christ is not an object, but the place of encounter where we meet the Living God who loves us to the point of sending us His Son, and the source of grace that first creates, then renews, then recreates us. Christ is enthroned on a ray of light, in the midst of a mandorla that represents the heavens and the earth, cosmos and eternity (the dark Unknown centre). At the centre of the mandorla lies the Sacred Heart, an orb of Light enthroned on a fiery furnace; the circles of the mandorla emanate from the Heart throughout the heavens and the earth, the cosmos and eternity, the creation and the Uncreated.


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  1. Perfectly stunning Ian. The painting must take your breath away when you see it in all it's glory. I have been spellbound by your conversation with David and how a heart-felt spirit oozes from the pair of you. I see a beautiful book coming out of your interation.
    I only wish I had it now to take to bed.