Thursday, 10 February 2011

Theosis and πλήρωμα /pleroma

I was fascinated by Ian's comments on Theosis. I think it is a concept which has real relevance for making an Icon of the Sacred Heart. As I was reading Ian's comments I thought about the importance of πλήρωμα - the pleroma for Teilhard. Teilhard frequently cites St Paul and the Sacred Heart which calls us to unity with the creator is central to his idea of Christ as the Omega point. The point at which all will converge. I will have to re-read Teilhard on this point, but as I understand it the Sacred Heart is the symbol , THE symbol of the divine. The Sacred Heart is the image of the Christ Omega - the centre of a universe which is converging and folding in on itself. It is the symbol of the fulness of creation, in Christ. The Sacred Heart and the pleroma should be explored more, I think. Another issue which has to be explored is the relationship between the Sacred Heart and what Ian refers to as 'science ' and the 'new mysticism'. For Teilhard the Sacred Heart was an image which enabled him to integrate his scientific life and his spiritual and mystical life. At a time when the relationship between faith and reason is much to the fore, the integrative dimensions of the Sacred Heart image ( which used in his prayer life) is something I have to reflect upon.....

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