Thursday, 10 February 2011

Some tentative first thoughts about the imagery for the icon

David writes: "Teilhard saw the image of the Sacred Heart as an image of an energy which creates and drives the world. He saw it as an image if the Creator, not as the great designer or architext....but as a loving father who is active in his creation. Deus caritas est: and therefore God created the universe throught the energy of love."  

With this in mind:

Perhaps we can have Christ enthroned, as in the icon of the Last Judgment in the last post, sat in the mandorla which is an iconic representation of God's glory or energies,in this case the energies of creation and what Teilhard describes as 'evolution', bringing all things in the cosmos, physical and spiritual, to the definitive moment of fulfilment in Christ. 

At the centre Jesus would hold His heart, represented like a transparent orb in the icons of St Michael, as can be seen here:
And around the heart would be another mandorla, which are the energies, the Divine Light, by which Christ draws all things to Himself, and by which He unites Himself to creation, the process of theosis. 

And within the heart another mandorla by which Jesus as the image of the Unseen Father makes the loving Father known. 

More on the mandorla later! 

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