Monday, 28 February 2011

interesting sketches

Thanks for these Ian. I can see what a very different challenge it is to work on a piece on such a scale. Teilhard remarks somewhere that' intuition suddenly bursts of the piled up facts': I guess that this is also a matter of working on ideas until you intuitively think 'that is right'. We have not talked about colours, but I presume that this also requires attention to certain rules or traditions? It is kind of you to show how your ideas evolve. Also, here you have to look at an existing image: I presume a blank wall is better as it gives you more mental freedom? (I am also thinking that it would be nice to know more about Naur and the Christian community there. What has made them commission a Sacred Heart? I have tried to find out about where you are, but without much success. It is sad that we in Europe tend to know little of the lives of Christians in the Holy Land. And yet, I seem to recall that the oldest Christian place of worship was discovered in Jordan- or was that somewhere else? Showing my ignorance now!

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