Friday, 11 February 2011

A first sketch

As an artist I prefer to work out of view, especially when I am developing an idea. That leaves room to freely express and explore without surrendering one's creative freedom, to change, explore, make mistakes,get a feel for where things are going, and be sensitive to inspiration, to pray, reflect. Also, I never sign my icons as it is a long standing tradition that you don't and it also makes sense as the icon is not something that points to the skill and eminence of the artist but to God as experience. An icon isnt just a painting, it isn't about my interpretation of God etc, but rather by being faithful to Him the icon is itself an encounter with the living God and a direct agent of theosis.

However, this blog demands a public work, which is a little daunting and a new, somewhat uncomfortable experience. While one's work is always destined for the public eye, the process leading to it is an intensely personal one and opening this up to public scrutiny is not easy. However, I hope that in sharing this process more openly, it might help others to understand just how much work goes into this, the professionalism which it calls for, and so develop a better appreciation for the work of professional artists in general and iconographers in particular.

Above all I hope that all the followers of this blog will feel in some way involved organically in its evolution;just showing your interest is a real encouragement believe me. And those of you who wish to comment would be most welcome to do so, even if it might not make its way into the final piece it will have contributed to its wider process of emerging from obscurity to vision.

So, with that all said, here is a first very vague sketch. I find it important to jot ideas down in some rough form, even if they get thrown aside in time. I really have no idea what the final icon will look like just now, but at least we have a beginning.

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