Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sketches from our man in Amman

Ian - good to hear from you. Sounds as if you have settled in. My feeling is that the figure of Christ Omega should resemble the classical Pantocrator - sitting or standing - but it has to be with the heart glowing in the very centre of the centre. He is the point at which everything convergences. The heart of Christ at the heart of the universe. (Did you read my blog earlier on this? ) It has to be true to Teilhard's idea of Christ as a core of divine fire. The furnace at the centre of all. God as the consuming fire. In the image of the Sacred Heart we see the cosmic and the divine become one.The Sacred Heart as the unifying force of the cosmos. The universal centre of a convergent universe. I think your geometry captures this. I think that the letter OMEGA ( in greek, obviously) has to be quite important feature. This such a challenge to get this right. But I trust your instincts on this. Teilhard sees the Sacred Heart as a line of direction for the future. Christ the king was the next which he welcomed: but the ultimate 'evolution' of the image was in terms of the Christ Omega. So perhaps, He should be in a throne: as the Universal Christ we find in St. Paul. All things are converging into the furnace of the Sacred Heart. As Teilhard said: "The very thought of it is almost more than the mind can compass" Amen to that! As to full or half figure? Traditionally it is a half figure. The traditional Catholic way of representing the Sacred Heart tends to be a half figure. But can we get that sense of the Christ Omega using a half figure? Will have to think about that...meanwhile hope you are having a good time in Amman.

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