Friday, 8 July 2011

What a difference a day makes!

It has been a busy day. Arriving at my office to see the latest progress on the icon was such a great start to a LONG day! I am now, more than ever, convinced that it is saying so much about the Sacred Heart. The colour illuminates the theology of the Sacred Heart in such a powerful way. And this is so important. Teilhard’s own ideas on the Sacred Heart were firmly embedded in scripture. Critics of Teilhard seem to ignore – or are just plain ignorant - of how he was utterly grounded in scripture and this is especially so in the case of the Sacred Heart. As I looked at your work this morning Ian I thought of a line from Teilhard and I looked it up when I got home. He said this:

‘the great temptation of this century is ( and will increasingly be) that we find the world of nature of life and of humankind greater, closer, more mysterious, more alive, than the God of scripture.’ ‘My universe’. Heart of Matter, p207

What this icon is doing – and now so vividly in colour – is to place the Sacred Heart in its scriptural context. Seeing the new pictures has really made my day. Nothing is more mysterious and alive than the God we encounter in scripture. This icon gives us a window into that mystery. As I say, it made my day!

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