Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Under the Veil...into the Tomb

No picture yesterday because my Asus EEEpad has broken. This little gem has all my reference materials, as well as being an excellent method of photographing the work, and on Saturday it just decided to die. Trying to get it repaired demands a degree in patience! Meanwhile, from stubbing toes to busting zips on my rucksack, to spilling cups of tea, it was a rather frustrating day.

However, during the day I  re-worked Jesus robe almost entirely, as it didnt 'gleam' enough, and attended to some details of the face which needed adjusting. I have also removed the Sacred Heart as I wasn't satisfied with that either. So a funny sort of day, but one which has moved the image on in the right direction I think.

A few candles David for patience and the return of my EEEPad pls!

Today, I worked on the faces of the Mother of God and St John the Baptist and St Mary Magdalene. Apologies for no photos, but I was thinking that it is perhaps right that now the spotlight is taken off and a certain veil is thrown over the icon so it can now have its time 'in the tomb' before being resurrected. So perhaps all is aptly providential.

I must also say that I find David's posts most encouraging, as hunches turn out to be profoundly rooted in what the Sacred Heart is as revealed in the  Tradition of the Church, reaching back to the earliest centuries. I adopted the vine motif because of the image of Jesus as the True Vine and us as the branches, a sense of the enduring presence of Christ in all things, and of course the Eucharist. The Vine becomes an eschatological symbol of all things transfigured and being 'in Christ'. That this touches into the medieval mystical insights is no surprise but also quite a delight; the same with the Seraphim. Perhaps I have come across some of these things and they are buried deep in my subconscious, but I don't think so. Rather I think it is genuine inspiration, and entering into the theological stream and seeing what connects.  Sometimes I flick through various images and some just stick out, sort of resonate, and I juggle them all together seeing what comes together.

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