Saturday, 16 July 2011

Friday's offering

I worked on the Face of Jesus, and toned this into the existing body, adding the wounds to Christ's feet and hands. You will also notice the development of the figures in the four corners, the pedestal and waters at Christ' feet, the fish, and the scroll of the heavens at the top - based on maps of gravitational energy. There is still work to be done on Jesus' Face; it is rather small, just a couple of cms high so it needs a lot of concentrated working. I find taking photographs and looking at those helps me to see minor corrections that need to be made more clearly.

I am delighted that David has discovered the seraphim, and thanks for posting such an informative piece. I had only glimpsed their significance and your posting helps underpin that substantially. Really appreciated! It is one of the joys of this blog that David takes an inkling I have, and mines it into something substantial.

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