Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thoughts on the sketch

Ian, all those candles have clearly paid off!! It is fascinating to see how the writing takes place. And I think I now more clearly understand why an icon is 'written'. You are using words and sentences. You are expressing ideas using a distinct set of rules. It is an image which has syntax- a grammar. Over the past months I have learnt a little of this grammar so I think I understand what I am looking at - but it would be so good to have a little commentary from you. I like the idea that the heart is at the centre of a kind of vortex drawing everything to itself. Obviously, it is this centre of the icon which - from a Teilhardian perspective - is so important. I know that you have had more thoughts about this since Naur, so I am very excited to see how you now see this 'hearth' or 'furnace'. ( Teilhard calls it the of the 'universal “foyer” of attraction ' and I am getting a sense of the kind of 'pull' which the divine centre of the universe exercises. The Sacred Heart in the drawing ' attracts' like a kind of gravitational force.. ) That is why I really liked the Naur heart: my eyes were immediately drawn into the centre. The scale of Christ is also just perfect and it is fascinating to see how you have adjusted the drawing. Clearly lots of things are happening in the corners, and I know we talked about that - so again I just can't wait to see how they develop. I can see an Alpha at the front of the drawing and I am wondering how an Omega can be worked in? I feel that it is very evocative of St Paul and St John - which is what Teilhard's Sacred Heart is all about! It is a really powerful drawing. Thanks for showing us a critical stage in the writing process. Another candle for you today at Mass!!

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