Monday, 13 June 2011

The Month of The Sacred Heart

Well today, finally, I started putting pencil to paper.

The past week has been a rather busy period trying to get all sorts of bits and pieces tidied up, and also following up the possibility of a whole new church to inscribe with icons in the US as well as trying to take some ideas for setting up an icon school in Bethlehem. However, in the midst of all of this, I have been toying with how to represent the Sacred Heart effectively. In Naur I had a simple circular mandorla and gilded flames. This wasn't completely satisfactory to my eye as I wanted to capture the sense of the all - pervasive presence of the Fire of God's love creating, sustaining and redeeming all things.

Yesterday I got a bit of an inspiration and started to work with a pattern which is found in the Al hambra in southern Spain. This has a swirling movement, but is beautifully balanced and tranquil. It also reminds me of some of the energy field waves photos which David included earlier on. A nimbus or mandorla is a representation of God's glory and power, and so using this shape as one presents a reflection of the Uncreated Energies found in creation in the patterns and forms of power we find around us in the very fabric of creation. I have been experimenting how to include this in the composition, and you can see here how things are beginning to emerge.

Here we have a mandorla in which is placed the figure of Christ. Surmounting it I have placed the Cross, held by an angel as in icons of the Anastasis. I have used the same figure of Jesus I used in Naur.

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