Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Some reflections

David, you persistence in tracking down the evolution of the image is to be commended, especially as you have a full time job and a family! I don't know how you are managing all of that, but it is very helpful indeed.

What struck me about the Pinta image is that it has a powerful sense of intense light, an ethereal power, moving but not sentimental, supernatural yet realistic. The contrast to the Bantoni painting I suspect reflects the general religious atmosphere of the particular times, with a move away from the emotional naturalism of the Baroque era to a more romantic supernaturalism. While the latter speaks more aptly in a Teilhardian setting, I don't find it convincing as liturgical art; it is still far, far away from the wonders and insights of the iconographic tradition. However, it is appealing as a devotional work of art, especially the illumination of the heart.

I was also struck by the description of the Heart of Jesus in the vision as luminous and transparent. When back in England, I did ask for some inspiration about how to depict the heart. What came to mind was a transparent globe somewhat similar to that which the Archangels traditionally carry in the icons, and I clipped a couple of examples to my Sacred Heart file for future reference. That came back to me during your recent postings, and I am beginning to experiment a bit with that idea here in Naour. A promising coincidence!

Finally, here is todays progress:

 The Sacred Heart is beginning to emerge; I am trying to get a sense of the intensity of the light, with a sense of a furnace like heat. I will add golden flames and rays to this yet, and am still experimenting.

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