Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Pinta picture on Teilhard's desk

The picture on the right was on his desk when he died. On the front he wrote key phrases which express what - for Teilhard - we are actually looking at. I have typed them on the front, but on the real thing they must have been handwritten. On the back of the Pinta picture was a more expanded 'litany' of the Sacred Heart. This is taken from 'My Litany' in Christianity and Evolution. The card pretty much sums up his philosophy of the Sacred Heart. So in due course we will explore what he means by these ideas. But this is an image which he must have looked at so many times. As we look at it we have to imagine what he thought was so inspiring about this picture. I have made it into a card and use it as my own 'Holy picture'. If anyone would like a copy, blog me.

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  1. Hi - Not sure how to blog you? Would love to get a copy of this card - Teilhard is changing my life!

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