Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sacre Coeur: more detail

On the left hand side of 'Christ in Majesty' in the 'cul de four' we can see the Pope presenting the whole world to Christ and the Virgin Mary leading a procession of the five continents. This reflected the significance of the fact that, by this time, the Sacred Heart was now seen in a global rather than purely national dimension. Viewed from beneath we can see Christ in relation to the Father and the Holy Spirit. Christ is stretching out his arms and uniting earth and the stars and the kingdom of heaven. And, re my other blogs: it just dawned on me that the term cul de four in french is derived from the french for 'furnace'. (as in haut fourneau - blast furnace, I think`) So, this is a Sacred Heart in a furnace. St John Eudes would be pleased!

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