Monday, 7 March 2011

Me and Merson

Thanks for your thoughts on what I have said about the Merson mosaic. I do not disagree with you in the least. I will put a blog up on the politics of the Sacred Heart in France and in that I wil explore many of the thoughts you express. I think, however, that the point is that it does mark a break with the line of development that had begun with the image in the Gesu. For me that is the wow factor. And it is exploring some of the ideas we find in Teilhard: would I want a copy on my wall?? No! It is not in any sense a devotional object : it is there to impress. One could compare it with other large scale images of Christ in Majesty on this point. I think that what it did for me was to get me to appreciate the need for a new direction, and I think that is why I contacted you about an icon. So, I don't think we are on different pages on this one. I suppose it is because I am so weary of the Gesu image that Merson does shake it up for me in the right direction: away from the sentimentalism associated with 'traditional image' . At this stage I think I am interesting in exploring the evolution of the image and Merson's work is I think a defining moment in that evolution. It is interesting, however, that I cannot find any sign that it had much influence. So as an evolutionary stage what we see in the cul de four is a cul de sac!! But it is all the more interesting for that. I think I know why is does not go anywhere in evolutionary terms: and I think you have nailed it!

Hope your work is going well!

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